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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday October 4, 2014

Upgraded Self

 Morning all!! Up at 4 am and feeling great. Worked yesterday 11.5 hrs and had energy all day. My blood tests were glucose 78 ketone 2.8 blood pressure 107/68/79 Today's workout was dead lifts 100x20 then 2 min run and repeated 4 times. Last 2 return runs were sprints. I threw in a set of squats 80x10. My weights are real lite. Just trying to progress with irritating my back. During the week I did 2 kettle bell workouts. I feel great, but feel to thin body wise. Trying to up some weights in compound exercises. Would like to do basic bench press, squats, dead lifts, and some total body kettle bell workouts during week.

 So what happened during the week. I was looking forward to getting Bulletproofexec Unfair Advantage supplement. It finally came Thursday night. Took my first dose Friday morning commute drive to work. I was really excited. It contains special form of PQQ and CoQ10. I liked that cause I don't take CoQ10.  O.k so I didn't feel what was described in the video. Also it does say take one to two ampules. I have only taken one. I worked a long day of 11.5 hr and had energy all day. I did have a 4 pm snack of Koboucha and few squares Lindt 90% dark chocolate. Sometimes that little bit sugar can energize me. So too early for me to tell. I really like all Bulletproof products. What I do like is even with some added carbs I still stay in ketosis.

 On the book side I am listening to The Big Fat Surprise and The Rise of Superman. The Big Fat Surprise I am about 4 chapters in. It is so crazy how it came to be that saturated fats are bad, and whole grain carbs are good. Ancel Keys made this the way we think today. He really only used data that would support his hypothesis. He purposely left out anything that showed otherwise. So really the whole way we think today about fats is so wrong. It is not supported by anything scientific at all! Try convincing anyone you know this. Good luck!! Most people only believe what they hear on tv, magazines, and shows like Dr. Oz. They don't have enough time to learn about the most important thing their health. There are so many good audio books and health pod casts they can listen to on commute to work. The Rise of Superman is a book about the flow state. I always hear so many people recommend this book. I am about 2 chapters in. What I have learned is extreme sports where adrenaline is high is where the flow state occurs most. The flow state is when you are at your best and things are easy and go your way. I hope to learn how to apply this to real life.

 Wow I learned this week a friend of mine has a friend who died of cancer at 41 yrs old. I have never met her but I checked her face book page.She died of pancreatic cancer. I just read its rare for people under 40, and usually happens in your 60's.  When symptoms occur the cancer has usually spread to other parts of body. Drinking and smoking can contribute to the disease. Looking at her face book page you can see the difference from healthy to cancer state. It really grabbed and I wish I could have met her. I would have like to help her on diet side. I wonder how a low carb high fat ketogenic diet would have helped. Most people don't understand the importance of cutting sugars out the diet. All the cells in the body can be fueled by glucose and ketones. Only cancer cells use glucose only. So cut glucose you starve the cancer. Most find it so hard to cut sugars and carbs from diet. It's sad how today's food marketing has us eating so many carbs thinking they care good for us. My goal is to learn how to help people. I want to be certified in someway to have credentials for people 
to listen to me. I hope to do this soon.

 Lately on weekends I wake 4 am. I get so much more done this way. Also it set a good sleep pattern for me. I wake up refreshed and feel sleepy at 8 or 9 pm. They say doing this makes your day feel long and ready for sleep at night. I really like how this feels and works out. Too me the low carb diet helps me with this. Eating high carbs makes me tired and lazy. I know I would want to sleep in and not feel refreshed when waking me give it a shot!

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