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Monday, September 29, 2014

What I worked on this weekend.

 I ate clean again this weekend and feel great. On Saturday I went to Park Slope Brooklyn farmers market. I have to say I really liked this market. They had great vegetables and great prices. They all said organic, and all local grown. There was a great selection of meats too. I purchased pork liver, beef soup bones, and duck bacon. Also giant lacinto kale(best kale to get low in acid), collards, cellery, onion, and leeks.
 As soon as I got home I made broccoli leek soup. Great recipe from the Bulletproof exec Upgraded Chef book. Wow forgot how good this soup taste. Sunday I made a recipe sweat potato leek omelet from . I split in 2 cause was too big to eat at once. I love the contrast between the sweet potato and the leeks. I ate it with some green plantains fried in coconut oil and sea salt. I ate broccoli leek soup both days.
 Monday morning test glucose 98 and ketones 1.7 . I'm surprised I was still in ketosis with sweet potato and plantains.My body fat even seems lower.  I guess I'm really fat adapted. On Tuesday will put this to the test. I will eat one large meal in the morning. I will try to make it large enough so that will be only meal n food intake for the whole day. Friday I will protein fast. Protein fast is eating less then 15 gms protein in a day. I heard Bulletproof exec Dave Asprey talk about on the fatburning man podcast. I will post how i feel on both these day.

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