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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday October 11, 2014

 Morning all!! Another great work week has come and gone. I felt pretty good all week. I tried a few things different to see how I felt. I usually drink Bulletproof coffee as my morning meal. Wednesday tried eating a breakfast of fats and protein. It was 3 eggs omelet and cheese with bacon. On commute to work I drank usual coffee and butter. I have heard that consuming 30 grams of protein 60 minutes after rising is good. Also not eating carbs in first meal will set you up good metabolically for rest of the day. If you start day with carbs you will bring on insulin cycle. This will make you want to eat every 2 to 3 hours. It will make you eat more and crave more carbs. How did it make me feel? Well I feel better just going with bulletproof coffee. I felt a slight energy lose during day. I use to have my first solid food meal at 2 to 3 pm. Now I am eating at 10:30am. I prefer to later time better. I am clear headed and have more energy that way. I will alternate and note difference. Also some how I want to add little carbs to that meal. A few days during week my energy level dropped. I bought a Lindt 90% dark chocolate and a Koboucha and energy level shot up. Wondering how blood sugar is during day. Maybe I will bring meter to work and test when I feel this way.

 The Precison Xtra Glucose Ketone meter is great. Cheap but Ketone sticks are costly. Best place to buy these are from ebay. A box of 10 test strips $35 free shipping. This is the cheapest I can find. I ran out so will be ordering soon.

  I am still working out 3 days a week. Monday and Wednesdays are kettle bell workouts. They roughly take 10 to 15 minutes. I get the workout from 2 dvds. The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout 1 and 2. These dvds are great seven to eight total body workouts that take 8 minutes each. You can string them together as your fitness level increases. Starting with a 15 to 20lb kettle bell is more then enough. Try to finish the whole 44 minute dvd at once is challenging. Lets face it most people join the gym and never go. This is something that can be done at home anytime. There's no excuse! Its 8 minutes. My current ab routine is posted here also. The routine looks easy, but challenging to finish the whole way through. Takes 10 minutes to complete and really strengthens core. Start with first 3 exercises and add them as you can. Saturdays workout still 4 sets 20 deadlifts and quick sprint between sets.  You can get both dvds and kettle bells here.

 Meditation has become a nice addition to my routine. I am using the Headspace app. It's great and works on ios and android. Goto to sign up. The first 10 session take 10 are free. After that there's a monthly fee. I love it. They are guided meditations thats first take 10 minutes. I usually do them before bed. The speaker is really relaxing with a nice accent. If you want you can repeat the first 10 over before joining.

 Besides meditation I also liked to do hrv. Hrv stands for heart rate variability. When your heart beats 60 times a minute it doesn't beat once a second. It varies and it's suppose to happen. If it doesn't that's not good and you can be over trained or stressed. I use the Emwave 2 device. It's a portable device smaller then a cell phone. It has a wire that clamps to your ear lobe. It measures the spaces between your heart beats. There are indicator lights. Red light your out of coherence, blue light mild coherence, and green light high coherence. It helps balance stress and increase sports performance. I use it in car commuting to work. At first I didn't understand what it was really doing. The longer I use I feel it trains me to deep belly breathe. Most people shallow chest breathe and this isn't optimal. Breathing this way will keep you stressed. Using hrv has taught me how to breathe to calm myself. There are 3 option to using this product. Portable unit, Ios app and wire, or a pc desktop version. Great podcast on hrv at The primal blueprint Oct 7 2014.  All can be purchases here under tech.
Upgraded Self

 What I learned this week was importance of sunlight and vitamin D. On Bulletproof radio podcast #160 Dave Asprey had on Leanne Venier(@leannevenier). They talked about healing lasers which I want to know more about. Towards end of podcast Leanne said people who avoid sun get cancer more then people who go in sun regularly. Of course avoid sun burns. Sun exposure increases vitamin D levels which rids body of pre-cancerous cells. This effect is for skin cancer and other forms of cancers. Also vitamin d help prevent heart disease. So get regular sun exposure and supplement vitamin d. If you don't know your vitamin d level get tested. Last time I tested mine it was 75.5. You should be over 50.

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