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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saturday Trip to Farmers Market.  Saturday's Prospect Park NYC Farmers market has become a favorite place. I can get great local organic vegetables. After going there stores vegetables look inferior. There is also great selection of grass fed and pastured meats. My plan would be to make my whole diet come from the foods purchased here. I can eat local organic seasonal diet.

Eastern Parkway Brooklyn New York Some of the great foods.
Real pastured bacon and grass fed beef liver. 

Starting my very nutritious bone broth. I will consume some of this everyday after its finished.
Here about 20 hours in.
Nice bag of vegetables! In bag is kale, collard greens, leeks, and parsley.

Also started a fresh jar of sauerkraut. I love adding it to mashed avocado. So I get healthy fats and probiotics.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

24 hours fasting.

 For 3 weeks in a row on Friday I have fasted. I wake up 4:30 am before work to make a large breakfast. Last Friday I made a 4 egg omelet with 3 slices cheddar cheese. I ate that with large portion of steamed broccoli and butter. Topped that off with a green plantain waffle with butter. The waffle is a green plantain pancake recipe. I want this meal to be high fat and calorie dense. Eating the large meal was no problem. On commute to work I drank a heavy bulletproof coffee. I finished drinking coffee at 7 am. So I planned to go from 7am Friday to 7 am Saturday no food. All day Friday at work I felt great. I feel I might lose 5% to 10% energy and mental clarity during the day. At 10:30 am I drank a black coffee and at 3 pm green tea. I feel the caffeine in these drinks help with fast. Most of the day my stomach actually felt full. No growls or hunger pains. Saturday morning I did Bicycle sprints for 30 minutes. Still in fasted state and energy was good. A little black coffe till 7 am. At 7 am made a lite bulletproof coffee. At this point I was still not really hungry. I started to wonder how many more hours I could go comfortably without eating? I really like the weekly 24 fast. My body definitely leans out during fast. Following the fast I usually to try to overeat. They say under eating followed by overeating stimulates human growth hormone. Also exercising in a fasted state is also beneficial.