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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tuesday October 7, 2014

Upgraded Coffee

 Past weekend I ate sweat potato and plantains fried in coconut oil on Saturday. Sunday I made waffles with plantains. I followed plantain pancake recipe. The waffles came out great. I figured this would knock me out of ketosis. Test my blood this morning glucose 92 ketone 3.8 blood pressure 98/60/78 I think the blood pressure machine was off. LOL Ketone level was deep. So I either I never got out of ketosis or I go back really quickly. I really feel keto-adapted now.

Past week I tried on Wednesday to eat one large meal the whole day. So after meal I would fast 24 hours to test my fat adapted state. I made it through most of day fine. At 4:30 pm I felt little dip in energy. At no time did I feel hungry. Being no food for 24 hours essentially I protein fasted too. I love to eat, but it felt great not having to get a meal cause it was time to eat. This type of fasting I will incorporate every now and then.

 Today I upped my Unfairadvantage to 2 doses. I will definitely say I feel great. Energy level is even on level all day. On Friday will try again with 2 doses. Also one day will skip a day to test how I feel that way too.

 Currently still listening to all the usual health pod casts. I am really getting the audible book The Rise of Superman. Talks about flow state and how extreme athletes thrive in this zone. A lot of stories about surfing. 2 surfing movies mentions are Chasing Mavericks and Riding Giants. This weekend will try to watch these to get a better feel of these stories.

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